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Minico Thor Love &Thunder Mighty Thor Jane Foster PVC Statue

Minico Thor Love &Thunder Mighty Thor Jane Foster PVC Statue

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Wielding the magic hammer Mjølnir repaired, the mysterious figure of an Asgardian warrior, with the looks of a thunder goddess, appears on the battlefield to save the inhabitants of New Asgard village in Norway from the evil Gorr, the God Butcher. Using armor with a winged helmet that hides her true identity, the brave hero surprises her old love, the God of Thunder, by revealing her face and uniting her new powers against the villain. One of the protagonists in the new MCU movie, Iron Studios bring the statue "Mighty Thor Jane Foster - Thor: Love and Thunder - MiniCo", presenting Thor’s old girlfriend as an Asgardian Viking warrior in the stylized Toy Art format from the MiniCo line.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the movie Thor: Love and Thunder will love this figure! The Thor: Love and Thunder Mighty Thor Jane Foster MiniCo Vinyl Figure will look great displayed on a shelf in your home or office. The figure is made of plastic PVC and is hand painted. Measures about 6 3/10-inches tall x 4 3/10-inches wide x 3 7/10-inches long.

UPC:  618231951284
Package Weight (pounds):  0.5
Package Length (inches):  8
Package Width (inches):  4
Package Height (inches):  4
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